We Are More Than Just Florida Registered Agents

Are you thinking about forming a Corporation, Limited Liability Company, or a Limited Partnership in the State of Florida? If you are, then you will need to designate a registered agent with the Florida Secretary of State.

Is your out-of-state business looking to open a branch in Florida? As a foreign entity, any business established outside of the State of Florida, must register their business with the Florida Secretary of State office.  At that time, you will need to designate a Florida registered agent.

At SBC Office Center we offer Florida Registered Agent services through Swart Baumruk & Company LLP (sbc-cpa), our affiliate, who has been in business for over 30 years in the Kissimmee, Florida area.  We serve as the registered agents for many companies and can simply serve as your registered agent, or we can offer comprehensive solutions for your business filings.


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What is a Registered Agent in the State of Florida?

  • A Florida Registered Agent is a company, or an individual appointed by the business to receive important communication or documentation on behalf of a company.
  • A Florida Registered Agent must have a physical office address (not a PO Box), known as the Registered Office in the State of Florida.
  • This Company or Individual will receive Service of Process documents (lawsuit papers, subpoenas, and other legal notices). This normally happens when legal documents are served to your Company.

Why Does Your Company Need a Florida Registered Agent?

  • The primary role of the Florida Registered Agent is to be available during regular business hours to receive or be served with Service of Process documents in any legal matter that is brought against the company.
  • They can receive other official papers on behalf of the business such as license renewal, tax notices, and moreā€¦
  • Inform the business of any papers received by the Registered Agent.
  • The Secretary of State requires a point of contact with entities registered within their jurisdiction. The Secretary of State sends the annual report notices and other important information to the Registered Agent.

Why Choose SBC-CPA as your Registered Agent?

  • SBC-CPA has been in business for over 30 years.
  • Experience makes a difference. We serve as registered agents for many companies that do business in the State of Florida.
  • If your company is served, the process server would come to our address, not yours.
  • SBC-CPA is on top of the renewal process insuring timely filing of annual reports, avoiding large penalties.
  • SBC-CPA provides Online Access to your Company Records.
  • SBC-CPA provides Bilingual (English/Spanish) services.